Minnesota and Iowa zero tolerance policy going forward

Minnesota and Iowa Policy regarding child sexual abuse

Dear Friends

It is necessary to be in touch again regarding the abuse issues we all have been trying to process in past weeks. We have prayerfully considered, and researched how to properly address child sexual abuse issues.  We have appreciated suggestions sent by professionals about online education. Please understand that in Minnesota and Iowa we have a zero tolerance policy for child sexual abuse, going forward.

Once a child abuse allegation is received, the information will be immediately reported to the proper authorities who are equipped and experienced in investigating and handling these issues. The person against whom the allegation is received will be asked to NOT attend meetings of any kind. If the allegation is completely cleared, it will be reassessed.

Abuse of any kind has no place in God’s family and child sexual abuse is a crime. If it is reasonably suspected that abuse has occurred it must be reported to the proper authorities in the area the abuse occurred. Reports can be made to local police or by calling an abuse hotline such as 800-656-HOPE.

It is the practice of people to not want to expose the sin of someone else. In the case of child sexual abuse all cases must reported and not doing so is against the law. Failing to report only allows perpetrators to continue their devastating behavior, leaves victims without any recourse for justice or treatment, and exposes others to becoming victims of the perpetrator’s abuse.

Adult victims of abuse are encouraged to access the RAINN.org online chat or phone hotline which can connect you with support services in your area.

Victim trauma education could be helpful for understanding and helping victims of abuse. The effects of abuse are not easily overcome and not well understood by the general public.

The workers on the MN/IA staff are required to take the Ministry Safe Awareness Training. It has been available the last fifteen years. This course is available to everyone and is available on line at ministrysafe.com. We are currently asking elders and wives to take the course, also. Elders, please email Bob and Sheri Lundstrom at IAMNSafe@gmail.com, and they will send the relevant information for taking this course. Parents can watch the Parent Training video by Ministry Safe, as well.

Below is information compiled with help from CSA professionals.

Feel free to reach out to any of us if there are further questions. We have been making efforts to address everyone’s concerns.

Sincerely, The Minnesota and Iowa Staff

4 thoughts on “Minnesota and Iowa zero tolerance policy going forward

  1. Why are the workers doubling down on their “authority”?
    We don’t need workers permission to report abuses to the law.
    We gave the workers full authority and are discovering the fruits of it.
    If we allowed the Holy Spirit full authority over us we would not be in this situation.
    We are in this mess because we took authority away from the Holy Spirit and gave it to a small group of men. This is the result.
    Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The only way.
    We have been taught that Jesus plus our church is the only right way, do you think God is pleased with this arrogant teaching?
    Because of these things we have not had the fullness of love, life, and freedom God wants for his people.
    This is not a time to assert authority, this is a time for repentance and for God’s people to humble themselves and return to him.
    Let’s bring back the fullness.

  2. I’m encouraged to see this zero tolerance policy communicated so clearly, and I hope other areas follow suit. We must take a stand against what is so clearly wrong for the sake of our children who are the future of the kingdom and humanity. With each removal of a CSA offender, we are seeing the implementation of zero tolerance for offending against children. Jesus wouldn’t tolerate it either (better to be drowned in the depths of the sea than offend one of these little ones). Proper implementation of this also means that in future, action is taken promptly, and offenders are reported as required by law even if all of this visibility is reduced in the distant future after all the necessary changes.

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