Richard Gasser advises that Russ Hall removed from meetings

From: Richard Gasser
Date: Wed. May 10, 2023, 11:08 AM
Subject inappropriate Sexual Behaviour
To: Richard Gasser

Dear Friends in the Grand Island & Lincoln area

It is with great sadness that we must send this email.

An anonymous victim has come forward with an accusation, that we believe to be true against Russ Hall for very inappropriate sexual behavior toward a minor.
It has been turned into the proper authorities. At this point we have asked Russ to not attend any meetings, Sunday Meetings, Wednesday Meetings, Gospel Meetings, Special meetings or Convention.

We take absolutely no pleasure in exposing other’s failures. Especially when we consider our own great need of the Mercy of the Lord, However with the case of Sexual behavior with minors it is criminal and must be acknowledged, before it can be helped. The effects of sexual abuse on children Is devastating and long lasting. We have been made aware that by failing to communicate openly about these things can cause ongoing trauma for past victims and make victims afraid to report their own experience.

Here is the 24/7 Child Abuse; Neglect Hotline number for any one to call: (800) 652-1999

Maybe it is best we mention also of several workers that are no longer in the work because of varying accounts of indecent behavior that has come to light in the past few months as well, we are not sure who might have been here to these states to visit? Mark Huddle, John Vandenberg, Braydon Dutton, Robert Flippo.

Though their actions have been very wrong, We plead that no one would show a hateful spirit toward any of these. We are very conscious we are dealing with precious souls and our belief and hope is that Honesty before God and the power of Jesus’ cleansing blood will enable us all to stand before our Eternal Judge one day and be accepted Into his eternal realm

All of our Kansas and Nebraska staff are planning to attend a seminar in Scottsbluff at the beginning of June before the Scottsbluff convention that concerns child abuse and reporting etc. We hope in time, to share some thoughts from that with you as well We are sorry for times in the past that we have not responded like we should to these things and we hope to do better.

With loving Care & Concern
the KS NE Workers


Russ Hall is a former worker who was stationed in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas throughout the 80s and 90s and now lives in Nebraska.

3 thoughts on “Richard Gasser advises that Russ Hall removed from meetings

  1. Honesty is only the first step towards true, thorough repentance. It is helpful for Sex Offenders to apply the 4 R’s of Repentance:

    Luke 13:3 – “tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

    Luke 17:3 – “Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.”

    Forgiveness begins after true, and full repentance has been effected…

    In order for a victim to consider forgiving their perpetrator, it is helpful to consider the four R’s of Repentance.

    In October 2020, Dr. Laura spoke about the 4 R’s of Repentance. (I changed some of the wording in order to directly address the issue of sexual abuse.) During part of my career as a counselor, I specialized in Sex Offender treatment. The offenders were strongly encouraged to follow the steps below:

    1. Take RESPONSIBILITY for yourself. That means acknowledging and owning what you’ve done. Do not come up with EXCUSES or BLAME the victim. A good example is: “I did this, and it was wrong.” This is the beginning of Honesty.

    2. Show true REMORSE. Saying you’re sorry because you got CAUGHT is not true remorse. SORRY is as SORRY does… Make a true commitment within yourself to never victimize anyone again.

    3. Try to REPAIR the damage you’ve caused. The aftermath of molestation and sexual assault is often irreparable. However, you can still put forth the effort to make things right. Paying for the victim’s therapy is a start.

    4. Be willing to GO TO ANY LENGTHS to make sure you do not REPEAT the offending behaviors. Do not place yourself in an environment that has triggers (like meetings with children present). NOT creating any more victims is a must! Enter the recovery process and stick with it. There is NO cure for pedophilia. You must manage your predilections on a daily basis.

  2. Mr. Gasser stated in his March 2023 letter to Cult members in Nebraska and Kansas that “I’m thankful that the many workers who were in our home from my youth & those I’ve worked closely with through the years have been true men & women and have been a great help and encouragement to me.” I thought this was an odd statement at the time, since there were at least three known and/or convicted CSA offending male “workers” and/or “friends” in Mr. Gasser’s home state of Wisconsin (during the time that he was in Wisconsin). Guess he was finally had to admit his association with a CSA offending male in Mr. Hall. Not sure if one can trust anything that these “overseers” say.

  3. Spartan is spot on. Can’t trust an “overseer”. The overseers is a club of good old boy white guys that have been together for years and will circle the wagons for each other if it won’t harm themselves. I have been there and involved and found out first hand, their priorities come absolutely first! Friends are the masses and are definitely second class, or lower.

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