Andrew Scholl voluntarily resting while getting help

From: Andrew D. Scholl

Date: Wed, May 3, 2023 at 8:25 PM

Subject: Rest


I am planning to return to Washington state and be with my parents for an extended period of rest from being responsible and active in the work. There are personal issues, indiscretions and struggles in my past that I have never taken the time to completely address and get help for.  I am weary and this is something I need to do if I am to be a completely healthy, trusted, responsible person and worker.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  The things I’m getting help for are not criminal, but certainly not appropriate or wise.  They are things that have been addressed and confessed to. But, I have never taken time to step away from my active place in the work and completely address and examine myself and my mental, emotional, spiritual health as deeply as I should.  This decision has not come lightly. It is not something I am being forced to do.  It is something that has been suggested by some who know and love me.  I feel at peace with this decision, and hope for many more active, happy years in the work.

Thanks for your care and prayers,



There is no suggestion that CSA is involved, but we have chosen to post this as it illustrates responsible actions in seeking help for personal problems.


3 thoughts on “Andrew Scholl voluntarily resting while getting help

  1. I do not know you personally Andy, but I sincerely appreciate AND applaud your decision. I for one (of many, I’m certain) do offer my support and have seen value in seeking help from trained professionals. Thank you for making this decision. It is very encouraging to me about this entire distasteful issue. Sincerely, Your Friend I will trust the administrators of this site to see that you personally get this msge. Thanks again!

  2. This would make things so much simpler if others that have committed wrong acts would actually be as responsible as this worker has! Just put your hands up and turn yourself in!

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