Letter by Lyle Schober, Overseer of Texas and New Mexico – April 2023

Read by Elders to Sunday Meetings, April 23, 2023

Dear Texas and New Mexico friends and workers,

It seems clear that there needs to be some communication from us about what is happening in our quest for transparency in the process for protecting the vulnerable among our fellowship. We have taken this challenge seriously and feel we are on the road that leads to safety. Where this road will lead us is a bit uncertain at this time and it will require patience from all of us, but maybe by sharing our most recent endeavors, we can keep you abreast of our efforts.

The workers in New Mexico and Texas will meet together in Round Rock May 11-13. These three days we have sessions planned that will incorporate professionals from varying fields of expertise presenting information on a variety of topics, including but not limited to Sexual Abuse and CSA (Child Sexual Abuse). We are also researching ways to make our ministry more effective and open to the challenges of our generation. We are facing difficult challenges, but we believe that this pursuit, which is under the direction of the Spirit, is a step in the process of assuring our best days are still ahead. Please feel free to ask us about the content of our time together after we return to the fields following our workshop.

The Ministry Safe program has been approved by the State of Texas to train individuals to increase awareness of child sexual abuse. It helps everyone working with children to recognize grooming behaviors that abusers use to gain access to a child, how the abuser gains trust of the child, the irrational thinking, the behavior of a child suffering, and what action must be taken to stop abuse.

We have made an ambitious effort to assure that all our workers are certified with the MinistrySafe program. We have also made a point of getting the elders and their wives enrolled and certified in this program. One of our friends in Texas is helping us with this project. We encourage any parents and concerned individuals to take this course at www.MinistrySafe.com . Anyone who needs help using the Ministry Safe website may communicate with Karen via email at karenjc1013@gmail.com. Additional information concerning resources that are available to victims, public education on sexual abuse, and public policy on SA/CSA are available at the RAINN website at www.rainn.org. There is also a 24/7 National Hotline to report abuse or to seek counseling services at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

We are comforted by the fact that several other states have become aware of this need and are adopting practices that promote safe places for fellowship. We believe if we all work together, we can provide a safe environment for everyone, especially our children. We want to make sure we don’t miss any red flags to assure their safety. We welcome any concerns that any may have.

Your servants for Christ’s sake,

Lyle Schober
Carl Hamilton
Rich Raschke
Vaughn Ellingson
Westin Price
(edresses redacted)

3 thoughts on “Letter by Lyle Schober, Overseer of Texas and New Mexico – April 2023

  1. CSA and any other form of abuse are not normal traits or behavior for most people. Just wondering why the 2×2 cult leadership (i.e. workers, elders, their wives, etc.) needs three days of training in order to act like normal people. This training would have had zero impact on many of the elders and perverted workers that I encountered while in the cult for many years.

  2. Wasn’t Jacque Payne asked to leave the work because she was so abusive? How is she still allowed to attend meetings as if nothing happened and why were there no warnings provided to the people she meets with? Secrecy protects misdeeds.

  3. Paedophiles represent less than 2% of all males and those males that defend paedophiles but are not paedophiles themselves are immeasurable. That leaves Jerome Frandle, Bill Dink and Ray Hoffman in a very elite league of their own.

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