Joshua Burgoyne – Ontario

12-month jail sentence for Courtice man busted in child exploitation investigation led by Peterborough officers

Project Peacehaven focused on proactively identify, locate and arrested people allegedly looking to sexually exploit children

By Todd Vandonk     Reporter        Peterborough  Examiner, Mon., Sept. 27, 2021

A Courtice man has been jailed in connection to a child sexual exploitation investigation led by Peterborough County OPP and the Peterborough Police Service in 2019.

During the investigation, named Project Peacehaven, investigators accessed online chat rooms and social media applications designed for youth in order to proactively identify, locate and arrested people allegedly looking to sexually exploit children in Peterborough, police said at the time.

During the three-day investigation, police say investigators communicated with 36 suspects beyond simple introductions. The communications established ages, which police say were well outside the consensual parameters established by the Criminal Code, and included inappropriate sexual content. Police say six people were arrested when they arrived at a set location to meet a child for sexual purposes.

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, Courtice native Joshua Burgoyne was sentenced to 12 months in jail by Justice Stuart Konyer. Burgoyne was originally charged with four counts of luring a person under the age of 16, but at an earlier court date he pleaded guilty to one count of communicating with a person under the age of 16 for the purpose of sexual touching.

During his sentencing decision, Konyer said Burgoyne started a conversation with two undercover police officers in an online teen chatroom in 2019. The decoys identified themselves to be 13 and 14 years old while Burgoyne was 40 at the time. Further, Konyer said Burgoyne quickly turned the conversations sexual, and after two weeks he made an arrangement to meet for sexual purposes with who he thought was a teen. Burgoyne was met by officers and arrested for luring a child.

Konyer said sexual offences against children are often “devastating,” and strong sentences need to be handed down to protect children from “online predators,” like Burgoyne.

Before being sentenced, Burgoyne said he was sorry for what he did, and it was a one time thing.

However, Konyer said he was troubled by Burgoyne’s lack of insight because Burgoyne reported in the pre-sentence report that he had no sexual interest in children. Konyer said the chat history suggests otherwise, noting Burgoyne thought he was talking to young teens and was grooming them for weeks so he could meet them for sexual purposes. Konyer also noted that Burgoyne understood his actions were illegal, and mentioned in the chats that he was concerned about being caught.

3 thoughts on “Joshua Burgoyne – Ontario

  1. Details of the following have been posted

    Joshua Burgoyne – Ontario
    Lukis Nighswonger- Alaska

Jason Lennox – Arizona
    Eric Scott – Idaho

Kendall Adams – Idaho SOR

    Are these men present members/professing and attending meetings?
    If so are there children in the meetings they attend? Have the parents of the children been advised? If they are professing and attending meetings is there any supervision or restriction measures upon them?
    Would it be possible for my question and the answers to it be placed such that readers can access it as easily as I access reading about these men?

  2. I have heard that there are some requirements in some places that require members of that meeting to give permission to any sexual predators who are ‘reformed’, although I don’t believe there is such a thing. However, that is not the case where I live, although it is MY policy that when I know about anything like that, I tell people that might have interaction with the predator. And I don’t give a rip whether anyone else thinks I’m wrong to do so. I will NOT, and I have not, ever hid one of them. But I have been told I’m wrong on a number of occasions. I just said that I couldn’t live with myself if I knew about a predator, and didn’t say anything, and then one of the children (or anyone else) was abused. I’m hopeful that FINALLY the door to being heard has opened, and going forward, there will be 100% transparency.

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