Titus Lehman letter to CO UT NV friends March 2023

Dear Friends in Colorado, Utah and Eastern Nevada

I have been thinking and praying for our friends and workers in Colorado, Utah and Nevada. I hope you are keeping your faith in the Lord. I have been comforted knowing that the Lord sees and knows all.

Jim Chafee and I are glad to be having meetings in the North Utah field. Domenic is on Special meetings in MO/AR. We are glad for some new ones that want to come and learn more about the bible and our friends that keep wanting to learn more about Jesus. It is still our desire to follow Jesus and to try to get others to do the same. We are glad we can still try to follow his example in the ministry. Thanks for helping us to make that possible.

I think several of you are aware of some things that happened in Oregon/Idaho last year. We have been made aware recently that Dean Bruer, who was in the ministry in Oregon and South Idaho until he died last year, was living a very immoral, dishonest, double life. We are very sorry about that and feel especially for his victims! The friends in the areas where he worked have been notified. Any others who have been a victim of abuse or inappropriate behavior have been encouraged to reach out for support & to seek professional help if needed. I don’t think he ever worked in Colorado/Utah or visited here but of course with travel and friends moving around some of you would know of him or heard him speak in a meeting.

We are sorry for the trust that has been betrayed. A few people have asked what we can do to help prevent this from happening in the future. The workers in CO/UT have been doing some abuse awareness training for several years. All the staff are up to date on continuing education regarding recognizing & helping to prevent child sexual abuse. Workers are encouraged to report any CSA directly to law enforcement for investigation. (Friends can do that too) Workers have been encouraged to speak up if they witness or experience inappropriate behavior towards them or others, no matter who it is (Friends can do that too). I think we can help each other be accountable but also trust each other.

It was a sad day in the New Testament when Judas, who was among the 12 apostles, betrayed Jesus. This act did not make all of them bad. We just read recently in our studies that they all forsook him and fled. Yet those same 11 arose and turned again to Jesus and were kept by him to fulfill his will. I do like what someone pointed out that Peter knew right away when Ananias and Sapphirah were dishonest. Please pray that the Lord will give us more of the Spirit that would help us to be more aware when things are right and when they are wrong.

Your Brother


One thought on “Titus Lehman letter to CO UT NV friends March 2023

  1. Titus wrote above “what we can do to help prevent this for happening in the future” in Colorado. He needs to be reminded of his time with Leslie White, who was the Colorado head man for many years, despite having a long history of allegations of bad behavior.

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