Kelvin Naef letter to GA/SC/FL friends

Thursday March 30, 2023

Dear Friends,

We felt it appropriate to send this word to you regarding some allegations that have arisen regarding an overseer, Dean Bruer, in the northwestern part of the country. As some of you may have heard by now, there are allegations against him involving serious immoral behavior that came to light after his unexpected death last summer, and only in recent days has been brought to our attention here. It seems that this matter has been investigated and is being handled appropriately by those now responsible in the states in which he worked. We write this to confirm that the rumors circulating about him seem to have validity, to express our sympathy to the victims there, and to open a door of communication to any in our states here that wish to speak more about it with us personally.

We would also like you to understand that we have been proactive here in trying to prevent these issues. In recent years, as a precaution, all of the workers on our staff have taken the Ministrysafe course at least once (and many of us more than once). This course offers guidance on what is appropriate and inappropriate in our interactions with others, especially among our youth. We also see clearly the wisdom of the Lord in planning that we in this ministry work together in pairs as there is safety in this for both workers and saints.

I have appreciated Paul’s own testimony in I Thess. 2:10. “Ye are our witnesses, and God also, how holily, and justly, and unblameably we behaved ourselves among you that believe:” We are sobered with the thought that we are living in the sight of God and before the Lord’s people, and are open to examination by both. I trust that all on our staff have this desire & purpose to conduct ourselves accordingly among you. We do love each of you and don’t want to be a disappointment to you in any way.

Several have written us with words of encouragement and support at this difficult time and we greatly appreciate that! Thanks as well for your prayers for those affected and for all of us seeking to keep ourselves upright in the Lord’s work.

Thank you for not forwarding this letter to others.

Your brother, Kelvin Naef & the GA/SC/FL staff


One thought on “Kelvin Naef letter to GA/SC/FL friends

  1. Mr. Naef is clearly off base regarding his statement that “the Lord in planning that we in this ministry work together in pairs as there is safety in this for both workers and saints”. Working in pairs has not stopped CSA and other bad behavior in the 2×2 cult since at least the 1970’s, when a male worker touched me in an inappropriate manner under the table for a long period of time at a Sunday dinner in Florida. When told, both my mother and aunt did not do one thing because of his “respected senior worker” status. Also, it was William Irvine that set up the “pairs” when he started the 2×2 cult in 1897. God had nothing to do with it – just one crazy and immoral man named William.

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