New Code of Conduct for Workers and Child Safe Policy in South Australia and Northern Territory

WINGS applauds the South Australian workers for their recently completed Child Safety programme. WINGS has been advised that Police checks have been completed for all in the SA/NT ministry and all these workers have completed ministry safe training. A SA NT Workers Code of Conduct and a SA NT Child Safe Policy have been shared through all elders in elders meetings and then shared with all who attend the meetings. It appears that this has been well received by all the fellowship members. A clear zero tolerance message has been given by Wayne Dean and Graeme Dalton.


3 thoughts on “New Code of Conduct for Workers and Child Safe Policy in South Australia and Northern Territory

  1. Performing the absolute minimum as mandated by a special council or by the courts is really about damage control because they got caught! Not unlike the adulterer who comes forward and admits to his error only because someone from the congregation saw him with the woman entering the hotel room, this kind of thing is not about reporting these people to the police and social services at the time of first discovering their despicable practices, but more about breathlessly waiting for the law or some whistle-blower to finally blow the lid off about the actions of these predators. For shame!
    Just as 6-week ‘anger management’ courses don’t work most of the time, so also such ‘admissions’ under duress don’t come from a place of true repentance, but only yet another attempt to do the minimum to get past the barriers to potentially re-offend. Sex offenders, especially men, need years of intense personal therapy to identify and change the behaviours that prompt pedophilia and other sadistic or predatorial actions.
    In Canada a former worker and acquaintance of mine of his own volition – if I have the story right – turned himself in to the police, and went through the process of whatever he’d face as a consequence of his offences, and did the right thing. As witnessed by the amazing number of workers and elders who are offenders in NA, UK and down under, I hope that this becomes a trend that’s long overdue.
    Optimism is not a bad thing if it’s grounded in reality.

  2. I agree with much of what you say Kjell — Noteable regarding the Canadian worker you mentioned that honorably enough turned himself in to the justice system, is that the senior workers that dealt with this very clear sexual abuse example by a worker …. and who knew about it LONG before he on his own innitiative, later turned himself in .. chose to conceal the issue from the friends and families that he had close contact with — until it hit the fan!!. This is NOT something that happened years ago by senior workers no longer accountable … it is very recent history in Western Canada and many of the senior workers are still prime figures in the 2×2 organization today.

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