Woodstock convention – update May 20, 2023

May 20, 2023

From: Bob and Stacy Bainbridge

Bob and I want to draw attention again to the letter that Darryl Doland shared in April and the letter that was shared to the friends in Atlantic Canada yesterday. We asked that the workers send out a letter to all the friends here in Atlantic Canada to stop the false rumours that they were spreading against Morgan. We asked them to clarify that the accusations brought forward by Morgan and others were validated. The letter was vague and confusing and left a lot of room for interpretation

We would like to highlight some parts of the letter in particular.

“….inappropriate and disrespectful interpersonal behaviour”

What was happening was psychological abuse, sexual misconduct, and hateful malicious behaviour. “Inappropriate” is dearly a euphemism to downplay what was actually happening. Does any parent want their child to offer for a ministry Where they Could be forced to share a room or a bed with someone who is aroused by them? Does any parent think it’s ok to have their son or daughter browbeaten to the point of considering suicide? Does any parent want their child to join a ministry where they visit friend’s homes and are sexually assaulted or leered at by “trusted elders”? It is no surprise that this behaviour exists. It is appalling that it is not dealt with properly,

“The changes made regarding these workers were made with the intention to address this behaviour and to stop it going forward.”

These workers were simply moved around. The removal of these workers only occurred because it became obvious that Morgan was right about them. So much hurt and confusion could have been avoided if they had simply did what she asked back in 2020.

She simply asked that they take a break from the work and get some psychiatric help.

Here is the full letter from the workers


Dear all,

We would like to write to you today to be open and clear about inappropriate and disrespectful interpersonal behaviour that has existed and subsequently been reported in our ministry. Recently there were changes made on this staff because of behaviour that was considered inappropriate, especially for responsible workers in a field towards their younger companions. The changes made regarding these workers were made with the intention to address this behaviour and to stop it going forward There was no intention to cast any blame or doubt on the victims of this behaviour. We have moved after thorough deliberation on these issues, wanting to gather as much balanced information as possible. In seeking the guidance of God and wanting to move prayerfully and carefully, we believe that appropriate action has been taken in each case and that all involved will be wiser and kinder going into the future.

We feel that there needs to be an extra amount of compassion and understanding for those who are feeling vulnerable, and we know that as circumstances change, this could include any one of us at critical times in our life. We all need to learn to communicate with each other and listen to each other in a way that makes us free to voice our concerns and needs. This is an atmosphere that we would like to nurture and encourage in our fellowship and especially in the ministry.

God’s ministry on the earth is made up of human beings, with a human nature prone to failure. However, this is a very serious calling and, by the grace of God given to us, we should be held accountable to a high standard of love, meekness and morality. Just as a faithful adherence to this example set by Jesus has the potential to help and encourage; anything less than this heavenly standard has the potential to cause hurt and discouragement in others. In spite of sometimes being greatly disappointed in individuals in this ministry; we still believe in our calling in this ministry and our greatest ambition is to be servants, with a faithfulness to this calling.

We know that our greatest responsibility is to keep our own life and spirit right before God, but we do feel the weight of the responsibility when making decisions about things that involve so many of you. We fear that we will sometimes fail to make the best decision, and looking back we acknowledge that sometimes this has been the case. We feel sorry for our failure in this way. We are certainly in need of your prayers, and appreciative of your mercy and understanding. Most of all, we are thankful that God is above all and sees all. If we Seek His Spirit and heed it, He will lead us in the way of truth and righteousness.

With brotherly greetings.


Remember, the point of this letter is to clarify that the acts of abuse, harassment and assault were true as per Morgan’s allegations and that they were mishandled, dismissed, and the victims were attacked, slandered, and shamed.

As far as Woodstock convention; The workers asked for a meeting with us to tell us that Woodstock Convention would be cancelled because Bob had said that there was corruption in the oversight. We were repeatedly told that they had prayed about it and this was the conclusion:


Dear staff.

The last while we have been thinking about the Convention at Woodstock. We have prayed about it, and discussed it together. We feel like it would be better this year not to have the convention there. Hopefully it will be possible to have it there again next year. We have spoken to — and —  and asked if we could have a 2nd Napan, from June 30-July 2. They are agreeable to that plan. It will follow the same format as 1st Napan, three days with two meetings per day. Could you please let everyone in your field know about this.

Your brothers, Dale, Ray, and Jonathan.


Following this email, we received another saying from the workers, saying they are reconsidering. At this time Bob was asked how he felt about having a convention?
Bob’s reply to that was, “This convention is not ours it belongs to the friends, what do they want? Bob stated that his vote was for a full convention but it was ultimately up to the friends who have put a lot of work and money into the grounds.

So now we go to the latest email regarding convention.


Dear friends

We plan to have a three day convention at Woodstock
Two meetings a day, no evening meetings
We won’t have sleeping arrangements and won’t have meals arrangements
So I plan to go next week for a few days
The 19th of June a few of us will go to Woodstock to prepare, we’ll have a couple of days to prepare the meeting shed, the washrooms, the mini home and cabins
There will be lots of room and services for trailers as before.


No explanation to us on why it is not a full convention. Still a warning, we’re not out of the woods yet?

As far as the workers that were the perpetrators towards Morgan: One is at her sister’s home. No official word that she is “out of the work” but she was still exhibiting grooming behaviours at gatherings toward young girls. Two of our true sister workers have caught her exhibiting this behaviour and the true friends in the area have asked that she not attend their meetings as they have young children.

The other sister that was moved to Ontario has been removed from the work just in the last week or two, I believe because of a professional recommendation.

The overseer that was moved to AB is no longer an overseer but is still in the work. We wish the AB brothers would reach out to get the information because the brothers in AB probably haven’t been told the extent of damage that he has done or even what it means to his victims for him to still be in the work. Step aside, get the help you need, and then see if you are fit for the work. It feels like there is no thought for the victims and how much that would go towards helping people heal.

– Bob and Stacy Bainbridge

11 thoughts on “Woodstock convention – update May 20, 2023

  1. Everything I am seeing is no mention hardly of victims….. All of it seems to be concern for the welfare and souls of the abusers. It disgusts all of us reading it! EVERYTHING NEEDS to be focused on the VICTIMS. let the predators work out whatever they have to with God.

    I’m heartbroken for Bob and Stacey. As tho it isn’t enough to see your child suffer from abuse and feel the need to be there for your child, heaped upon it is ridiculous behavior and abuse by workers and overseers towards Bob and Stacy! What a literal nightmare for these poor folks.

    I hope these workers perpetuating this disgusting behaviors realize they are going to have A LOT to answer to God for! Not only have Bob and Stacy sacrificed by giving up their property for convention, they’ve had to watch their child be a human sacrifice and now they themselves. I’m sickened and it’s a good thing I live in the states or I’d be tempted to seek vigilante justice.

    Bob and Stacy keep speaking the truth! The downplaying of evil behavior needs to stop! We in the states stand behind you and will continue to share your story

    • NM I agree. It’s unbelievable that these senior Workers don’t realize that every perpetrator will have preyed on multiple victims. Who will carry the damage for the rest of their lives. Massive psychological issues that will affect every aspect of their lives, usually unable to have stable relationships, even with supportive loving partners. Will never profess and live broken lives.

      Why – because of a Judas, a worker who has preyed on a helpless child or victim and committed the most heinous of crimes, whilst enjoying the fellowship in a Godly home with food and security provided by hardworking parents. Evil beyond words.

      One perpetrator with normally multiple victims and massive damage. Their response has been a human response, to hide and protect. No Holy Spirit involved, creating darkness instead of light.

      What did Isaiah say about the one and only true Shepherd.
      Isaiah 11:4
      He will give justice to the poor and make fair decisions for the exploited.
      Isaiah 10:1 What sorrows await the unjust Judges.

  2. Morgan, we are 💯 behind you and you are in our thoughts and prayers often. There is a very disturbing pattern here. Ruben, John, Robert, Ron and the three from eastern Canada were all on Dale’s
    staff and who has he protected the predator(s) and leaving the victim(s) like the priest and Levite did “passed by on the other side”. Removal of Woodstock and do what he thought was best and not the best for the friends who have planned for this. Heartbreaking!

  3. I agree with everything you have said Bob and Stacy.
    I felt that the letter sent out addressed DEAR ALL, was very legal with no heart wrenching remorse for the suffering of the dear lambs. The letter sounds political and lawyerly.
    This paragraph from Bob and Stacy’s response says it all.
    What was happening was psychological abuse, sexual misconduct, and hateful malicious behaviour. “Inappropriate” is dearly a euphemism to downplay what was actually happening. Does any parent want their child to offer for a ministry Where they Could be forced to share a room or a bed with someone who is aroused by them? Does any parent think it’s ok to have their son or daughter browbeaten to the point of considering suicide? Does any parent want their child to join a ministry where they visit friend’s homes and are sexually assaulted or leered at by “trusted elders”? It is no surprise that this behaviour exists. It is appalling that it is not dealt with properly,
    We love God and wish only to serve him in truth as seen in Jesus’s life. Our hearts are grieved at this time but also filled with joy that God is bringing this out into the public eye. There is such hope for a better tomorrow, if all who love God, and have a true desire to know him and follow the life of Jesus, can be safe from all forms of abuse. Maybe the most common one is the horrendous emotional abuse that so many face and get destroyed by. Browbeaten is such a accurate depiction.
    Jesus never used emotional abuse to control anyone. What Bob and Stacy are facing here appears to be, just a hierarchical use of superiors to subdue the underlings. God hated the Nicolaitans, and this was one of their practices. They also used compromise to increase their numbers. Is it compromise to keep workers in the work, that have committed wrong, by just moving them around? That is very sad and so wrong, if in fact this was the thought. We do not need workers that are just filling a numbered spot. We need Sheppard’s that have been given, by God, a love to feed the sheep not feed the overseers or other workers agendas.
    Reading in Revelation again these last weeks. I was surprised to see repeatedly that the problem with the church was that they were tolerating or even accepting sexual immorality. Like Bob and Stacy commented, this is not new behaviour but the covering up of this behavior God hates!!!! We have a responsibility as the church to condemn and not allow this to be present amongst our fellowship.
    I feel saddened that the Woodstock convention will be three days, bring your own lunch and provide your own accommodations. What about those precious folk that cannot afford this monetarily. Seems like it will be convention for the better off monetarily but not for any who may be too poor to cover the costs. That really saddens me. If this had happened to us, for our first convention, we would not have been able to go.
    Maybe this is a bit strong, but one can ask if Bob and Stacy were multi-millionaires would they still be treated this way?

  4. “But one can ask if Bob and Stacy were multi-millionaires would they still be treated this way?” What a powerful statement but very true and sad to say the answer is no. Years ago an elder had an affair and Willis and Dale knew about it…nothing happened the meeting WAS NOT removed from his home…few years ago a young mother said to me that the same elder likes to give her PAT on the bum after Sunday morning meeting and told her to smack him. Because nothing was done the behavior hasn’t changed. An older sister was spoken to about her abuse (was mental abuse) to three young sisters and again Willis and Dale did NOTHING and she continued to do this and in both these cases it was because money talks. I was at Aylesbury the year Dale told from the platform that he was to be the overseer of California. At the time I found it strange and today I find it really strange why this was even mentioned. Bob and Stacy stay strong…and so so thankful that God sees the BIG PICTURE. Many stand behind you and thank you for your honesty and bravery in this heartbreaking experience.

  5. I feel heartened by the strong clear support of a victim and parents who have suffered the grief of a workers evil behavior and have lived with broken promises when Morgan was merciful to her offender and took it no further, with conditions that certain actions were to happen.
    They didn’t from what I read. Total betrayal and deceit.
    Workers cannot know of the love that parents have for their children. The love of a child towards parents is totally different. Not until I had children did I understand that.
    So now with recent events two people who make huge sacrifices and have a convention on their land and have had their child abused speak out. So, senior workers respond by shutting down convention. Appalling, nothing is being learned by them, they will continue to abuse their place.
    I am half a world away from these events. The fall out has reverberated around the world, with lots of victims speaking up.
    The result advocatesforthetruth.com have now a spreadsheet with over 250 perpetrators.
    Victims need to be encouraged to phone their hotline and finally be heard with empathy and compassion.
    There are great Workers out there who need to step up with Elders in support and get these men to step down from so called positions of spiritual authority.
    People who attend Woodstock need to speak up and say there will be a convention this year and workers who wish to attend are very welcome.
    Enough is enough of this appalling behavior by Overseers and their supporting crew.
    May God be with you.

  6. I keep finding Dale Schultz involved with cases of covering for abusers all over North America and moving them around to various countries Canada, US, Mexico, etc over multiple decades. Just discovered tonight Dale was involved in this issue also. This is the 4th such case where Dale was once again protecting the perpetrators. I am left to wonder why would this be any logical person’s way of handling issues? What could possibly drive a person to think this was the way it should be done? One such person who did this too was also himself an overseer in California and stands accused of molesting two boys. This is becoming and FBI or Interpol matter for Dale. Does Canada have an equivalent agency to the FBI that we could report Dale to? The post below is copied from yet another incident where Dale covered for the perpetrator. Does Canada have an equivalent agency to the FBI that we could report Dale to?

    “Hey Dale Shultz, where is the public apology to your victims? You have so obviously mishandled at least two cases I’m aware of leading to more victims of CSA. You exported a CSA perp to our country. You sent another CSA perp to other countries. Your approach was never right. It couldn’t possibly have been spirit lead. Paul knew better 2000 years ago when he dealt with the 1Cor5-9 situations. There is no excuse or reason to handle these cases the way you did even in the good old days. Don’t darken my doorstep. The way I feel about it right now is that if I see you on the platform again, my family and I will walk out of that meeting when you speak. Too much legal jeopardy to apologize publicly? There’s a reason for that Dale – it’s because the way you handled it was against the law and you knew better. Your guidance after the Reuben Mata fiasco had all kinds of wiggle room for getting out of following the law and also lots of room for getting out of doing the right thing which you clearly put to use in the early 2000s. Your public apology is past due. Don’t dare even think about becoming overseer again anywhere Dale. New leadership is required. Don’t bother reaching out privately. Apologize publicly please. For that matter why are we hearing crickets from all these perpetrators? No repentance? The rest of us have found the time to write…are they too busy? Forgiveness starts with repentance Dale. I will consider forgiving you if I believe you’re serious about change, and understand what you did was very wrong and affected many people.

    Dale, what else are you hiding…something to do with Alberta during the very dark Willis Propp days? Why did Alberta become a dumping ground for CSA perpetrators during the time you were there? The investigators will find out Dale. Your coercive behavior and actions led some of my very best friends to keep your secrets. Imagine the level of courage it would take to stand up to your boss knowing you would probably lose your job, your life’s work, your calling, without a dime to your name. Where would you go? Who would help you? Now imagine being a child and having no one you felt would believe you, or stand up for you against such depravity. That’s why bosses who behave like you are reported and fired in short order out here in the real world.

    Can someone please confirm Dale Schultz is aware of the investigators post on Wings and the request for his public apology?”

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