Australian Government Inquiries Into Child Sexual Abuse

Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse

In November 2012, the Prime Minister of Australia announced a Royal Commission inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Australian institutions. A Royal Commission has the highest possible powers and can require people to attend and give evidence. The inquiry will investigate decades of child abuse in churches, schools and foster homes and address “institutional responses to child abuse” by a range of institutions. It will take several years to complete.

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Royal Commission Introduction
An introduction to the Royal Commission, and a copy of the Letters Patent appointing the commission of inquiry and outlining its terms of reference.

State Government Inquiry in Victoria, Australia

In April 2012, the Government of Victoria, Australia launched  an Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations with a report to Parliament due 30th April 2013. This has now been extended to 30th September 2013.

Submissions are available at

Details of hearings and transcripts are available at

One thought on “Australian Government Inquiries Into Child Sexual Abuse

  1. No where here have you acknowledged that the group has failed to sign up to the scheme so survivors have no redress.

    Survivors do not get anything from this scheme currently- bc no one has gotten the workers & elders to be accountable.

    You shouldn’t really have this on here if the scheme actually doesn’t support survivors from this church, it’s misleading.

    If you want this on your page, you should be advocating loudly & hard for the church to sign up & pay up. So far, that’s not what you’ve been doing at all.

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