Breaking the Silence

Notification Letters (from workers to friends)

A collection of letters from overseers to the friends in various fields regarding child sexual abuse.

New: Letter from USA Friends to 43 Overseers and several Elders – August 2013

Letters from  friends and workers supporting stronger and more open action against CSA

A collection of letters from Friends and Workers.

List of Convicted CSA Offenders who have been associated with the fellowship of friends and workers

Some offenders have never been brought to justice but the following people have a public record of their conviction for CSA offences. They can receive forgiveness and pardon from their victims if and when the victim chooses to do so, and provided they have made full acknowledgement of their offences to all their victims and accepted any punishment from the judicial system.

Maintaining a public record of these offenders allows their contacts to ensure that separation from children is maintained to prevent any further offences.

Survivor Stories

Some stories of survivors of child sexual abuse that occurred within in the fellowship. These brave people have given permission for their stories to be published for the benefit of others.

Open Letters to WINGS

Some letters of endorsement for the work WINGS is doing.


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