Letters from Rob Newman (overseer of California)

Mid-April 2023

Dear Staff, Elders and friends,

Good evening. Thanks so much for many prayers and thoughts towards all. Mine have certainly gone your way.

I read Jeremiah 51:5-6 yesterday morning, when I first opened my Bible. These verses have been a source of great strength to me both yesterday and again today. There are many confirmations that God’s hand is working to help us in this experience. So we press on knowing God never has and never will forsake his people. And we all deeply desire to follow what is pure. I know you have had verses of comfort too.

We want to assure you that communication to all on how we plan to go forward safely and responsibly will be forthcoming. We desire an appropriate response, thus we need a little time to get it as right as we can and then be in touch with you again. Thanks to many of you for your helpful suggestions that are being considered. We desire to be approachable and transparent. We are committed to this process to help avoid, detect and deal with CSA as well as other abuse incidents.

With respect to all,

Your brother, Rob

Letter from Rob Newman 4/27/2023

Dear Workers, Elders and Friends 

The attached is the first document we mentioned we would be sending to everyone This will give a foundation of awareness about the critical issue of child sexual abuse (CSA). We must protect our children, who are precious to God and represent the future. Education, awareness, preparation and honest conversations give the best protection against CSA, and the greatest hope of discovering it early. We need the help of ALL being aware- children parents, grandparents, workers, all. This will also help prepare our children to face the world we live in today, where CSA continues to increase.

We are very grateful for professionals among our friends who have helped with the writing and verification of this document. Without basic and thorough awareness of CSA, any Child Safe policy would not have the necessary foundation. Increased education and understanding will help alleviate fear and replace it with informed awareness. We want to avoid constant suspicion and missing fellowship in meetings which fail to address the real problem while greatly hindering healthy spiritual life.

The next document will be a Child Safe policy to explain things we will be doing going forward to help provide a safe environment among us and in our gatherings, as well as guidance for reporting concerns before they become CSA incidents.

We are deeply sorry for the pain and loss of trust that these issues have caused among us. But going forward, we are encouraged that things can and will be different. Certainly CSA among the ministry will not be tolerated- God has called His servants to be pure and trustworthy. The betrayal of this trust by some has understandably been very damaging but we who continue want to be true to His trust.

CSA happens wherever there are people- it is impossible to guarantee in any context that it won’t happen again- but we can certainly be much better prepared going forward to both minimize the likelihood and discover and stop it earlier.

Thank you again for your care and prayers as we continue onward. Elders please be sure to distribute this message and attached document by email or hard copy to everyone of responsible age in your meeting. If you need help with this please feel free to contact me.

Your brother, Rob

Attached: Child Sexual Abuse Information and Resources

13 thoughts on “Letters from Rob Newman (overseer of California)

  1. Hi Rob, as long as we’re being transparent can we get an accounting on how much money the church has and where it goes?
    We’re always hearing about how evil other churches are and how they’re only after our money but at least they’re transparent about it.
    We’re told to trust the workers with our money and we don’t need to know?
    Sounds sus.

    • I wonder the same thing about the financial part. About a year ago I asked the same question and didn’t get an answer, from our overseer. Not long ago, I asked a sister worker and she replied, “Why would you ever ask that?” Guess I wasn’t supposed to question. I think of all of the big convention buildings, upkeep, taxes etc. Also, the workers flying all over the world constanly, and people leaving their estates to the workers at death. It just seems like there must be lots of money involved. I was just curious as to who handles the large anounts and how it’s all handled. Just wondering???

      • Can I please request that pressure be put on this ministry/fellowship to financially support victim’s of CSA and SA in their fellowship, other churches had to do so, why would this group get away with it?

  2. CSA/SA is not a normal behavior. It is prevalent in the Cult because of the high percentage of people who are not normal, especially the “workers”. Thus, no amount of training is going to fix the abuse.

  3. Spartan, I don’t believe you know the meaning of a cult. No one forces anyone to join or stay and we don’t worship any person or are encouraged to worship any person other than Jesus. I understand you’ve left the way yet you still are fascinated with how the way is faring? Why is this?

    • It’s not a cult? No one forces you to stay or join? Yet, they ostracize you and treat you as a leper if you want to leave. Or if you have questions you’re called “bitter” or “anti”. This church “has no name”, yet you just referred to it as “the way”. There is no way. There is Jesus. It is a cult, because we worship meetings and not really Jesus. Meetings and attendance in meeting are the highest priority, not Jesus. Not God.

      People are fascinated with how the way is fairing because it has destroyed and abused peoples psychological welfare. Workers who are “led by God” turned out to be evil. And don’t give us the “Judas” line. There was only one Judas.

      • I’ve been a part of this church for 46 years and I have to agree with Spartan and Washed. The people working hard to defend these things are the privilaged ones with status. They have this status because they do whatever the workers tell them to do as if it’s the word of God. Anyone who dares go against the workers or to ask questions will be shunned by others in a really wierd unhealthy and unloving way. Thats a fact.
        If you don’t believe it test it out, try questioning some things or maybe miss some meetings and see how fast you’ll get demoted.
        Many including my family have been traumatized by our time in the “truth”
        We’re thankfull for healing in Jesus, the real Truth.

      • I’m tired of the Judas speak also. Judas at least realized he had done something wrong in the end! Not saying what he did was right. The workers want to be compared to the disciples, then live as they did. True disciples protect the flock.

      • I actually have left this way/church whatever you choose to call it and came back twice, yes I have professed 3 times, and I was never mistreated , it was always with open arms. I don’t know where you hail from but just because where you live you or those you went to church with didn’t prioritize Jesus over rules and traditions doesn’t mean across the board that’s how it goes.
        We just did ask questions of our workers about the origin of this church/way regarding the issues going on now and they were happy to discuss and even thanked us for having a discussion.
        The way has not destroyed people psych as you say. Certain evil people who have been part of this way/this church have. In the end we all face God alone no matter if you are part of this way /this church or not. And no, I don’t believe you have to be part of this way to have a place in heaven. I am part of this way because it’s the closest way to follow the Bible I have come across and I still find edification by attending.

    • Please google “signs of a cult “. The Cult meets most all of the signs listed. I am not “fascinated” by the Cult, but want to see all evil end. I was molested early in life by a senior worker (no one did anything due to his “status”). Two individuals very close to me were molested by Cult members and/or “workers “. A middle aged male “worker” was found in the closest of our home with our young daughter. At least two male workers spent time in our home before spending time in the big house for CSA. I thank God every day for setting me free from the William Irvine started Cult – please google his name also and read the excellent and thoroughly documented book, Preserving the Truth, by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig.

  4. Also when people leave the church they aren’t leaving “the way” they’re leaving the church. People leave the way when they stop following Jesus who is the way.
    Calling our church the way is cultish in itself.
    We do have a name, the name of our church in the USA is the Christian conventions its filed with the government. People who say we have no name are ignorant or lying.

  5. For those of you who are “stuck”. There are plenty, plenty, PLENTY of people currently in the fellowship who are faking it and want nothing to do with this “religion” anymore. However, they can’t leave and can’t stop coming to meetings because this is what being raised in a cult will do to you. You’re in the “amish farm” and can’t leave because they’re socially, mentally and psychologically trapped. There are workers who are stuck in the work because they can’t leave, who want to leave, but can’t. No marketable valuable skills to cut it in the real world. Workers don’t take a salary? Think again. They have plenty of money and access to money. Plenty.

    If you’re in it and stuck. You’re not alone. Plenty of people are in the same boat. All those happy families you see running around at convention…a lot of them are mentally DONE.

    If we “quit” we face the backlash of family, and being labeled as “mentally off”, “the devil got to them”, “bitter”, “they know what’s right they just aren’t willing for it”. Just stop. You can’t do that or say that to people who are thinking logically. This is a cult. I’m not saying that in harsh tones. There is no way to say something is a cult without sound bitter. There is no euphemism for the word cult. It is what it is.

    We aren’t “sad and depressed” because we don’t have “God in our life”. We’re sad and depressed because our little bubble has popped that we thought was truth. We’re “sad” and “depressed” because that’s what happens when you make a hard choice to leave the farm.

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