Hodgie Holgersen arrested in VA, now removed from meetings

Dear Friends,

We are sorry for the sorrow and distress this will likely cause but feel it is necessary to share with you. One of the Virginia friends, Hodgie Holgersen, was recently arrested and charged with taking indecent liberties with a child. He is currently out on bail awaiting trial, and by court order is not permitted to attend any of our meetings.

We were also recently contacted by an advocate for a woman who reported having been molested by Hodgie years ago in another state when she was a child. They were aware of Hodgie’s recent arrest and were concerned that he might still be in meetings with children. We want to make it clear that, regardless of legal requirements, there will be no future arrangement for Hodgie to be in meetings without conferring with ALL of our friends in the area where he would attend.

It is strongly recommended by health care professionals that anyone charged with a sexual crime within a group or community be openly identified for the sake of children within that group. Pending Hodgie’s trial, our purpose in sending this letter is to prioritize the welfare of our brothers and sisters, and especially the children among us, and to encourage open communication about such things.

Sharing this prior to a verdict is not something we find easy to do, especially when we consider our own need for God’s mercy. However, we have learned that cases involving child sexual abuse must be handled differently. The effects on children who experience sexual abuse are devastating and long-lasting. We have come to understand that failure to communicate openly about things like this can cause ongoing trauma for past victims. It can also make victims feel fearful about reporting their experiences.

We trust that everyone will understand that we do not encourage a hateful spirit toward Hodgie. Our hope and belief are that honesty before God and the cleansing blood of Jesus will enable us all to stand before God and be accepted in the day of judgment. When we witness someone facing severe consequences in this life, we’re moved to seek the Lord’s help to save us all from the eternal consequences of sin.

With care,

The VA/MD/DE/NC Workers


Hodgie has been allowed to attend meetings up until his recent arrest on March 24, 2023 – recorded as “aggravated sexual battery” toward a child under the age of 13, and “indecent liberties” with a child under the age of 15. These offenses occurred in October of 2022.

Currently known locations of abuse are Virginia and Hawaii.

If you have any information or have been abused by this person, your input could be invaluable to those seeking justice. Contact law enforcement in the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred.

10 thoughts on “Hodgie Holgersen arrested in VA, now removed from meetings

  1. I live in Virginia and attend meetings. If it wasn’t for this sight I wouldn’t know of this CSA case. Apparently the letter wasn’t sent to everyone in Virginia.

  2. I posted 10 days ago stating I did not receive this letter to the Friends, and as of today I still have not been informed. I tried to bring up this mess to a fellowship sister and I got blasted that Wings is un-truthers. So the only hope of people even having a chance of seeing what is TRUE they have to get that information from the Overseer . That said the Overseer here in Virginia could be doing their job but another worker is not passing on the information.

      • It seems the Overseer is not being transparent with the information, I just learned our Elder didn’t get the email either.

      • BGM
        Could you elaborate about false information? There are so many good people in our state and we deserve better leadership in the ministry.

      • Sure. The statement that WINGS are “anti-Truthers” is utterly false. He/she is completely making it up or passing on false information from someone else. WINGS is comprised almost entirely of people attending and participating in meetings. This sort of low level deception should never be acceptable.

  3. Without Wings for Truth, many of us would have no way of knowing the major corruption at the very core of this way. It just blows me away! At a gathering today, this subject, of course came to be the main subject of conversation and many of us plan to come together to discuss what we should do. We know that God will lead and show us which course to take. Thank you, again!

    • Please refer to the Transcript of CSA Sermon by Worker Graham Thompson on this website. He outlines 3 core areas of how to address these problems.

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