Stanley Jordan

Stanley Howard Jordan pled guilty to a charge that he “On or about the 17th day of July, 2001, at or near Calgary, Alberta, did possess child pornography, to wit: ten photographs of a female child, who is represented as being twelve years of age, engaged in intercourse with an adult male and three photographs of a female child whom he represented as being either eight or ten years of age, engaged in intercourse,

It was claimed that the motivation for the commission of the offence was not sexual gratification, but a misguided attempt by the accused to assist the Calgary Police Service with their investigation into an ongoing horse mutilation case in Calgary by using the photographs as “bait” for a would be offender, and not for circulation or distribution.

On 30 July 2002 he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for three months which shall be served in the community; to perform 100 hours of community service to the satisfaction of his supervisor; and other conditions were imposed.

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