Noel Harvey (ex-worker)

Noel Roy Harvey was a worker in NSW, Australia in 1978 (confirmed by list) and it is believed other years around 1978. He left the work around 1982 and married in 1985. He faced 19 child sex offences relating to 1977-1995 in the Wagga Wagga and Mudgee districts, Coolatai, Riverina and the north coast MacLean/Casino area.

Accused man named

Mudgee Guardian Tuesday, 1 July 2003

A suppression order over the name of a Mudgee man accused of 19 child sex offences was lifted when he re-appeared in Mudgee Local Court yesterday.

Noel Roy Harvey, 59, of Lions Drive, Mudgee, first appeared over the charges before Chamber Magistrate Russell Sear who granted a suppression order until yesterday’s appearance.

Solicitor Mr Rod McFarland, Mudgee, told the court the man had received death threats since his appearance last Thursday and said the man needs to be protected and to get a fair hearing.

Mr McFarland also said his family need to be protected.

Visiting Magistrate Paul Lyon said the law was intended to protect complainants, young people and children.

He said the accused was in custody and was up to those who guard him to ensure his safety and said the only order he would make would be prohibit the identity of the complainants.

Mr McFarland applied for bail for Harvey saying he had strong family ties in Mudgee and that his wife lives here and has worked as a registered nurse for 20 years and that his family was in court today.

“He is aware of the seriousness of the offences,” Mr McFarland said

“There are no real fears he will not attend court when required.

“He requires the need for legal services and it that will be difficult if he is incarcerated out of town.”

Mr McFarland said his wife was prepared to lodge up to a $2000 surety and that he was prepared to accept strict reporting to police and that non-contact with victims would be accepted.

In opposing bail the prosecution said that Harvey has been a member of the clergy, in a position of trust and that trust has been breached.

“He has made full and frank admissions to the majority of charges,” the prosecution said.

“He lives in rented premises and it his wife that has strong ties, not the accused.”

The prosecution said the strength of the prosecution case was extraordinarily strong and that he had continued to abuse trust even after a conviction against him in 1982.

Mr McFarland submitted that it was now more than two and a half years since Harvey was a member of the clergy.

However the identity of the church that Harvey served as a member of the clergy has not yet been identified in court.

Magistrate Doyle refused bail and adjourned the matters to Mudgee Local Court on July 23 with briefs to be lodged by July 16.

Detectives attached to Mudgee Local Area Command are investigating allegations of similar offences.

Anyone with information that might assist police are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Mudgee Police Station on 6372 8599.

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